Castle Spirits.
A taste of the supernatural.

Invoke our distillery's inspired flavors!

Distilled in Oklahoma’s finest hammered-brass still, this Castle Spirits Signature Series Honey Blend may be the best we’ve ever made. It’s a softly aromatic, easy-sipping spirit that is perfect for reflective conversation and cherished fellowship.

Head distiller Russell Thorp is a craftsman at heart, and a master plumber by profession. He first created the Castle Spirits unique hammered-brass still. He then mastered the age-old processes, and drawing from otherworldly wisdom (we have to assume) he perfected the Signature Series formula. It is distilled from grain using a traditional sour mash method and finished in seasoned American Oak barrels with our own locally-sourced proprietary honey blends. The result simply must be experienced. 

Old world style handcrafted in Oklahoma

Experience the Spirit of Oklahoma.

Castle Spirits Distillery is a small-batch craft distillery that features its Honey Blend formula. The distiller’s attention to detail is reflected in the rich, hand-dipped wax seal, embossed with the Castle Spirits insignia for the perfect finishing touch.

We know our Signature Series Honey Blend will receive your enthusiastic approval, just like it did with our family and friends.

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