The Spirit of Oklahoma in a Bottle

Castle Spirits Distillery is a small-batch craft distillery that features its Honey Blend formula and vodka. The distiller’s attention to detail is reflected in the rich, hand-dipped wax seal, embossed with the Castle Spirits insignia for the perfect finishing touch.

Distilled in Oklahoma’s finest hammered brass still, Castle Spirits Signature Series Honey Blend is a softly aromatic, easy-sipping spirit that is perfect for reflective conversation and cherished fellowship.

Castle Spirits Clear has been described as having subtle notes of sweetness along with a pleasant aroma of honey.  The vodka is highly filtered resulting in a clean taste that makes it smooth on the palette and easy to drink.

These two spirits must be experienced.

And it is for that experience that Russell and Vicki decided to renovate the distillery, tasting room, and event space. With a projected re-opening in June of 2024, the new Castle Spirits Distillery will feature a cozy speak-easy environment. A few additional products will soon be on the market as well.

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Old world style handcrafted in Oklahoma

Experience the Spirit of Oklahoma.

The spirit of Oklahoma is alive and well. Head distiller and craftsman, Russell Thorp, and his wife, Vicki, turned a passion project into a thriving enterprise in a relatively short time. With a lot of hard work and a fair bit of trial and error, these two have developed Castle Spirits into an aficionado’s destination of choice in downtown Oklahoma City.